Meaning – The term roadshow, refers to the delivery of presentations, product demonstrations, and similar materials to customers and others in a series of venues outside of headquarters.

The roadshow is a sales pitch or promotion made by the underwriting firm and a company’s management team to potential investors before going public. Roadshows generally take place in major cities and are meant to drum up interest in the upcoming offer.

A successful roadshow is often critical to the success of the IPO. The goal of the roadshow is to generate excitement about the company and its IPO.

Many companies may hold smaller, private meetings in the months and weeks leading up to the IPO, while the majority livestream some of their events to those who can’t attend.

Example of usage“Roadshow events may attract hundreds of prospective buyers interested in learning more about the offering in a face-to-face setting and online. Events may include multimedia presentations and question-and-answer sessions.”