Relational Database

Meaning – The term relational database, refers to a database in which the data are organized and accessed according to relations.

Relational databases are based on the relational model, an intuitive, straightforward way of representing data in tables. In a relational database, each row in the table is a record with a unique ID called the key. The columns of the table hold attributes of the data, and each record usually has a value for each attribute, making it easy to establish the relationships among data points.

The relational model means that the logical data structures—the data tables, views, and indexes—are separate from the physical storage structures. This separation means that database administrators can manage physical data storage without affecting access to that data as a logical structure.

Example of usage“The relational model provided a standard way of representing and querying data that could be used by any application. From the beginning, developers recognized that the chief strength of the relational database model was in its use of tables, which were an intuitive, efficient, and flexible way to store and access structured information.”