One-Way message delay

Meaning – The term one-way message delay, refers to the time elapsed from the moment that a message is sent from its origin until it reaches its destination.

One-Way Delay (OWD) is the length of the time that a packet takes from point A to point B across the network. RTT and OWD can be measured actively when network traffic related to a network service is injected by additional traffic which will be measured. The well-known utility used for measurement RTT is ping. RTT used in the congestion control algorithm has an impact on service response time and it depends on OWD.

Example of usage“The passive approach of OWD measurement based on NetFlow has several advantages. First of all, NetFlow has been widely implemented by network vendors and it can be easily enabled.  Also very likely,  NetFlow is already configured in your network for accounting and reporting purposes,  so you do not need to change the existing configuration.”