Auxiliary equipment

Meaning – Auxiliary equipment refers to the attachments or peripherals that are not under the direct control of the CPU. These equipment assist in increasing the productivity of the computer and some are used for amplifying the aesthetics of the system as well.

The CPU controls all the core equipment of the computer. However, in order to make the computer work properly, users attach several peripherals that may or may not be required all the time. Devices like the keyboard, mouse, cables, USB based peripherals are all used on a needs basis and as such do not fall under the purview of the CPU. These are known as auxiliary equipment.

Auxiliary equipment may or may not be bundled with the Computer. When enthusiasts asssemble their own PC, they usually go in for a power CPU setup, to which, they attach these auxiliary equipment as required. This gives users the flexibility to use the equipment that they like, rather than being restricted to something that may or may not be to their taste or requirement.

Example of Usage“The gamer set up a powerful CPU and then attached auxiliary equipments from five different brands.”