Automatic Logon

Meaning – Automatic logon is the process in which the user does not need to enter the login credentials on boot. The computer uses saved credentials and completes the process, allowing users to get started with their tasks without delay. The Automatic logon feature is available on the Windows PCs and must be set up before use. It is recommended that this feature be used when the system is being used by just one user. If there are multiple users on the PC, then automatic logon poses some realistic threats to data security.

When it comes to using a virtual machine, the automatic logon feature can be set up the OS images. However, if this image is being shared with other users, then the logon information ha to be provided to the recipient as well.

Web browsers also se a version of the automatic logon feature where saved passwords and usernames are automatically entered if required.

Example of usage“Thanks to automatic logon, I can boot up my PC, grab a coffee and the system is logged in and ready to use before I am back.”