DEEP Robotics Steps into Your Home: Meet X30, Your New Household Companion!

DEEP Robotics Steps into Your Home: Meet X30, Your New Household Companion!

Robotics company DEEP just unveiled some exciting new bot designs that can handle all kinds of real world situations. Their spokesperson Peter Dend did a live demo showing off the cool things their robots can do.

One example was a coordinated dance routine performed by a squad of humanoid and four-legged robots at a sporting event in China. The two-legged bots played instruments while the four-legged ones danced in sync to the music.

But the really big news is that DEEP is working on a giant household robot called the X30 that can help around the home. Dend says they are seeing huge demand for an affordable domestic robot helper.

The X30 would be customizable depending on what you need it to do – want it to have robot arms to handle objects? The only expensive part is the arm mechanics.

DEEP got its start in 2017 developing agile stair-climbing robots. Their bots can handle inclines up to 45 degrees even when carrying over 20kg of weight. Stairs have always been a challenge for robots, so this is major progress.

Now they want to apply that stability to the X30 home robot so it can confidently handle stairs. Dend hinted the X30 may also be used in factories as a mobile partner to workers.

DEEP has also built robots specifically for dark, hard to navigate environments like mines and caves using special sensors instead of cameras. Dend calls them “dark factory” robots. They save energy and can work 24/7 without lights on.

The company is looking at using them for risky rescue missions or remote industrial sites. But their big goal is to make home robots affordable and capable. With advancements like stable mobility and dark navigation, the X30 could be a game changer in bringing robots into everyday home life.