Windows 11 Enhances Video Chats with AI-Powered Voice Clarity Feature

Windows 11 Enhances Video Chats with AI-Powered Voice Clarity Feature

Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 preview build packed with useful additions, including improved voice chat audio and tighter Android phone integration. Available to Windows Insiders testers, Build 26040 introduces some nifty quality-of-life upgrades.


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Enhanced Voice Clarity for Chats

The headline feature is Voice Clarity, which leverages AI to enhance microphone input during audio calls and chats. It minimizes unwanted echo, background noise, and reverberation so your voice transmits cleaner and clearer.

Previously exclusive to Surface devices, Voice Clarity now works with any app utilizing Communications Signal Processing Mode – like Microsoft’s Phone Link, WhatsApp, and some games. It’s enabled by default and runs automatically, providing better chat audio with no extra effort.

Streamlined Android Photo Editing

Build 26040 also introduces a slick new photo editing workflow between Android phones and Windows 11 desktops. Going forward, snapshots taken on an Android device will instantly appear on a paired Windows machine. Users even get notifications to easily open images in the Snipping Tool editor.

This convenience nicely streamlines accessing and editing mobile shots on a large desktop display. No more squinting at a tiny phone screen while tweaking photos.

Freshened Setup Experience

Microsoft has also revamped the Windows 11 out-of-box setup process to be simpler and more user-friendly – an overdue but welcome refinement.

Along with several other changes, this latest Insider build demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to refining the Windows experience with helpful quality-of-life upgrades. Smoother Android integration and AI-enhanced voice chat definitely fit that bill.