Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Unleashes Details on Massive Update

Halo Infinite’s acclaimed Forge map creation mode is receiving a substantial update on January 30th. This update will expand the already robust tools available to Halo’s dedicated community of creators.

Forge Mode Allows Custom Maps Since 2007

Introduced in 2007’s Halo 3, Forge empowers players to construct their own maps and modes using powerful editing features. Many fan creations have become so polished that they get added to Infinite’s official playlists. This shows the complexity that can be achieved.

Recently, one ambitious player even recreated a full campaign level from the original 2001 Halo in Forge. This demonstrates the creative potential of the tools.

Content Update 29 Adds New Forge Capabilities

The January 30th update, called Content Update 29 (CU29), will introduce the following key features:

  • Covenant color palette with 70+ new decorative pieces
  • Forge Mode Creator to simplify linking custom maps and modes
  • Material swapping between decals and foliage
  • Upgrades to AI tools for bot placement
  • Various quality-of-life improvements

These new capabilities will expand the visual styles and gameplay possibilities open to Forgers.

Ongoing Support Redeems Rocky Launch

Developer 343 Industries’ extensive post-launch support for Infinite has helped redeem the game after a disappointing launch lacking expected features like Forge. Through substantial new content and community feedback, Infinite now seems on track for a bright future fueled by its passionate creative fans.