Avowed: Obsidian's New RPG Coming to PC and Xbox in 2024

Avowed: Obsidian’s New RPG Coming to PC and Xbox in 2024

Obsidian Entertainment, the renowned video game development studio, has tantalized fans with a sneak peek into their highly anticipated first-person fantasy role-playing game (RPG), “Avowed.” Revealed during Xbox’s SGF showcase, the presentation showcased a mesmerizing array of magical spells, intense battle dynamics, and a multitude of mythical creatures that players will encounter in their epic journey. Notably, players will have the unique ability to wield both swords and guns alongside powerful magical incantations, promising a diverse combat experience.

In line with the studio’s previous titles, companions will play a pivotal role in “Avowed.” Feargus Urquhart, Studio Head at Obsidian Entertainment, unveiled Kai, a captivating character described as a “Coastal Aumaua” and one of the few friendly faces players will encounter on their perilous quest.