33 immortals

New Roguelike ‘33 Immortals’ Supports 33-Player Co-Op

Thunder Lotus, the esteemed indie game studio behind the critically acclaimed “Spiritfarer,” has made an exciting announcement today. They introduced their upcoming co-op action/roguelike title, “33 Immortals,” which invites players to confront the wrath of God. This highly ambitious game supports an impressive 33 players in cooperative gameplay.

Described as a game where players must “pick-up and raid” and “cooperate to survive hordes of monsters and rise above the Almighty,” “33 Immortals” promises an exhilarating and challenging experience. The game’s trailer showcases the 33-player co-op feature, presenting it with a distinctive art style reminiscent of classic Space Ghost cartoons—an homage that adds to its visual charm. Thunder Lotus has skillfully rendered the retro-inspired aesthetics, making it possible to showcase 33 simultaneous co-op players, enemies, and the intricately designed dungeon-crawling environment.