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YouTube Tightens Restrictions on Videos That Could Promote Eating Disorders

YouTube is taking new steps to reduce the promotion of eating disorders on its platform. The video-sharing site will now prohibit videos that unintentionally promote eating disorders, such as content featuring weight-oriented bullying or “imitable” behavior. Videos that discuss disorders will be restricted to users aged 18 and older. The platform will also show crisis resource panels in more locations, including underneath relevant videos, to offer support to at-risk viewers.

The changes will roll out initially today and will reach more people in the coming weeks. The move is part of an “ongoing” effort to protect viewers from the negative impact of videos. YouTube acknowledged that its platform can affect viewers in “different ways,” and it hopes that these changes will minimize the possibility of creators unintentionally promoting eating disorders.

YouTube already prohibits videos that explicitly promote eating disorders. However, the enforcement of its policies has not been consistent, and the platform has faced criticism from certain creators who have been demonetized despite not promoting harmful content. YouTube clarified that the updated policy is not aimed at removing videos’ money-making potential but at limiting access to videos that could promote eating disorders.

The updated policy follows YouTube’s previous measures to combat harmful content on its platform, including the expansion of its hate speech policy, updated policies on election misinformation and QAnon content, and efforts to remove false claims about the COVID-19 vaccine.