What is DuckDuckGo and why should it be your default search engine?

What is DuckDuckGo and why should it be your default search engine?

People have grown more conscious of what information they are providing corporations and advertising, often without their knowledge or agreement, since Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica incident. In 2021, the number of data breaches reached a new high of 1,862. More individuals are taking precautions to secure their information, and one method is to use the search engine DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo has established itself as a privacy-conscious alternative to search engines such as Google. DuckDuckGo has released Android and iOS mobile applications as well as browser extensions to help keep your data private whether you use it on your phone or PC.

Here are a few reasons why DuckDuckGo should be your default search engine –

Stop internet trackers from tracking you

Online trackers may be found all over the internet. According to Princeton’s Web Transparency & Accountability Project, Google trackers are present on around 75% of websites, whereas Facebook trackers are present on approximately 25% of websites. These trackers capture information about your interests and activities on certain websites. According to research conducted by Princeton and Stanford universities, these online behaviors combined with access to your social media profile are enough to recognize you.

DuckDuckGo detects and disables web trackers from sites such as Google and Facebook. The search engine may also display the networks that have monitored you over time, providing you with a more complete view of how your data is being utilized.