The Mini Aceman Concept Predicts the Shape of Future EVs

The Mini Aceman Concept Predicts the Shape of Future EVs

The Mini Aceman, not to be confused with the Mini Paceman, is much more than a notion. The little crossover, which made its premiere on Tuesday, not only teases a new model for the Mini range but also displays the brand’s future design orientation.

The current Mini range is quite crowded, with the 4-Door Hardtop, Clubman, and Countryman all sharing the same basic design factor. However, Mini seems to have the opportunity for growth in this segment, as the Aceman teases a crossover that will sit between the Hardtop and Countryman. The Aceman is about 10 inches less in length than the bigger Countryman SUV, but the width and height are approximately comparable. With features such as a roof rack, thick valances, and 20-inch wheels, the Aceman seems to be the most butch Mini yet.


The Mini Aceman Concept Predicts the Shape of Future EVs


The Aceman features a five-passenger cabin with a central console that extends all the way back. The seats are constructed of a variety of textiles, including an “over-dimensional houndstooth pattern” and embroidered X and O letters, according to Mini. The Aceman has no chrome brightwork, and all of the surfaces are made of sustainable fabrics.

The traditional round core display of the Mini remains, however it is no longer enclosed in a crowded cluster. Mini’s new Android-powered infotainment system is inside, and the central screen includes “moving picture projections [that] may convey the control system information to the whole dashboard, offering a unique digital experience reaching even into the door panels,” according to the firm. Of course, it’s all concept vehicle stuff.

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We don’t yet know anything about the Aceman’s chassis or electric engine, but those specifics will be revealed shortly. Mini is projected to become totally electric by 2030, but it is uncertain when the Aceman – or the next-generation Hardtop – will be released.

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