stranger things

We may be seeing a return of Dead by Daylight’s Stranger Things collaboration

Stranger Things will always remain an iconic tv series, and the popularity is such that fans have started celebrating a Stranger Things day, and in a heartwarming gesture, the popular horror game Dead by Daylight has decided to bring back the Stranger Things collaboration in the game again.

When the crossover had debuted, it had become an instant favourite with the fans and there was an uproar when the collaboration was finished. But now, it looks like the collaboration is back, and we expect to see fans jump back into the game to enjoy this celebration once more. Behaviour Interactive, the developers behind the Dead by Daylight game, have not revealed a lot of details about the return of the crossover, but one thing we do know is that the game will now feature survivors Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington, and the monstrous Demogorgon appearing as a killer.