Titles in Destiny 2 are disappearing after the most recent update

Titles in Destiny 2 are disappearing after the most recent update

Following the last Destiny 2 Weekly Update, a severe bug was uncovered, leading some players to lose some of the Triumphs they had worked so hard to achieve. This bug has been deemed so disruptive that Bungie has taken Destiny 2 down in order to develop a remedy.

Incomplete accolades are mistakenly being shown as complete in Destiny 2, progress on Seals and Triumphs is being rolled back, progress on exotic weapon catalyst is being reset, and other problems are being brought on by the Weekly Reset. On several social media platforms and forums, Destiny 2 gamers are reporting a glitch that is undoing the accomplishment of certain Triumphs and inaccurately counting others; they are showing up as “recently completed” even though they had already been redeemed.


Why are my titles gone from destiny2




Around 12:30 PM ET, the Bungie Help, Destiny 2, and Destiny2Team Twitter accounts recognised the issue, not long after the Weekly Reset went live and users began reporting difficulties with their honours. Bungie has now taken Destiny 2 down to address the problem and avoid more reports of missing Triumphs. Bungie’s social media outlets have been providing frequent updates on the issue, however, Destiny 2 is still unavailable as of this writing. The Bungie Help Twitter account released an update to gamers at roughly 4:30 PM ET, noting that the Destiny 2 Team was evaluating possible remedies for the difficulties, but the game might remain down late into the night.




It seems this patch didn’t go as intended from destiny2


Despite being irritated by the problem, most players are handling it well. To pass the time till Destiny 2 is back online, users on u/Destiny2 are making fun of this newest bug. The expected minor displeasure that the Weekly Reset update is causing this interruption is gratified by continuous communication and the prospect of no lasting harm to the player’s progress, with Bungie devs swiftly noting the issue and offering regular updates since the problem began. The 6:00 PM ET update seems to indicate that Bungie engineers have narrowed down on the problem and are trying a solution. The tweet also notes that players’ accounts will be returned to their pre-hotfix form, which should restore all earned awards.

This week’s Destiny 2 Weekly Update was supposed to bring some substantial adjustments and streamlining to the game in preparation for the Lightfall DLC, which will be released in February. This update will stop Blue Engram drops in Destiny 2 for players who have reached the Power level soft cap, as well as adjustments to the process of forging exotic Glaives and a slew of other changes that will pave the way for additional changes in Lightfall.

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