Highlights from Pokemon GO PokeStop Thrilling Pikachu Ride

Highlights from Pokemon GO PokeStop Thrilling Pikachu Ride

A Pikachu ride that was horrific in appearance was discovered at a PokeStop by a Pokemon GO user. The extremely popular Pokemon-themed smartphone game brings excitement outside by allowing users to capture Pokemon in real life. PokeStops, spots where players may spin a disc on their phones for in-game prizes, are one of the features Pokemon GO creator Niantic has put on monuments across the world.

The core of the disc discovered at PokeStops often has an image related to its actual location. A PokeStop in a petrol station, for example, may have an image of a gas pump or an automatic car wash. It’s a nice element that serves to further anchor Pokemon’s magical world in reality.

Reddit user KingCo_ discovered a very unsettling PokeStop in Cabramatta, a Sydney suburb, and shared it on the Pokemon GO forum. It’s a kid’s coaster with a Pikachu motif. Kiddie rides are coin-operated devices, often portrayed as a spacecraft or a horse, on which children sit and rock back and forth. This one should provide some good old-fashioned Pokemon entertainment. This Pikachu kiddie ride, on the other hand, is a nightmare. Indeed, the PokeStop’s community-created and Niantic-approved description begins, “Nightmare fuel of the beloved Pokemon electric mouse…” before trailing off.

The name of this Pokestop, as well as the ideal Pokemon moniker for this particularly gnarly Pikachu, is “Grotesque Pigachu.” Things go terribly wrong on Pikachu’s face and neck. Pikachu’s iconic charming visage has vanished, replaced with a strange grinning pig monster. The nose of Pikachu is commonly depicted as a little black inverted cone. Voldemort’s scary dark and deep nostril slits protrude just a little bit further in the kiddie ride version, giving it a somewhat more human and far more terrifying aspect. Its neck features a series of rolls that go down to the chest, giving the impression that this Pikachu kiddie ride was previously a wrinkled pug kiddie ride. Pikachu’s neck has never been defined, but he’s never looked so stubby and grotesquely human.

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There are a lot more weird PokeStops since some Pokemon GO users have formed a subreddit called r/S*****PokeStops dedicated to terrible PokeStops. It has over 29,000 users who regularly provide screen shots of some very weird PokeStops throughout the globe, such as an ashtray filled with cigarette butts hung on a red brick wall. Or “Lady Liberty,” which includes a description that says the statue in the photo is a copy of the Statue of Liberty when it really looks to be a screaming chef wearing a floppy chef’s hat and apron.

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