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The Epic Games Store’s free game causes server crashes

With Death Stranding now accessible for a few hours, the storefront’s technical difficulties are beginning to fade. The right version of Death Stranding is now accessible, the servers are no longer completely crashing, and signing in is becoming more difficult for EGS users. While dealing with technological difficulties is inconvenient, Epic Games has a history of getting things resolved quickly.

It seems that everything is well that ends well. When a high-traffic event happens, the Epic Games Store is known to have this kind of technical trouble. Fortnite upgrades, for example, might sometimes cause the shop to collapse. At for EGS customers who desired the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding but missed out on the free version, the upgrade is presently 40% discounted and just $6. It’s unclear if some users’ clients are still showing Chinese text. Hopefully, the Epic Games Store will fix that as well.