Epic Games

The Epic Games Store’s free game causes server crashes

Epic Games collaborated with Kojima Productions to make Death Stranding available for free on Christmas Day. Death Stranding is three years old already, therefore it’s hardly a new game. However, the euphoria surrounding Kojima’s announcement of Death Stranding 2 at The Game Awards has resulted in an unexpected surge of excitement. In addition, Epic Games unintentionally released the Director’s Cut for free instead of the ordinary version of the game, which has since been remedied.

The influx of Epic Games Store customers attempting to get Death Stranding for free has caused some strange troubles with the site. One user complained that their client switched to Chinese at random. Others allege that after purchasing the game, it was taken from their Epic Games Store collection. Most, however, describe being caught in a quasi-logged-in situation where they can’t access their libraries or buy games, despite the fact that the EGS client still acts like they’re logged in.