Sports Story Is Now Available After Being Shadow Dropped
Image Source - Twitter

Sports Story Is Now Available After Being Shadow Dropped

Sports Story, the widely awaited successor to Golf Story, has now arrived on the Nintendo Switch, much to the astonishment of many gamers. Sidebar, the game’s creator, revealed the release during the current Inside the House of Indies event, which essentially amounts to a shadow drop.

The House of Indies just announced many new titles for the Nintendo Switch, as well as multiple more shadow drops throughout the course of the last week. On the last day of the tournament, Sports Story was unveiled. “Mmmmm, new games!” “From now until December 23, peep through the front door for a new daily video update with exciting announcements and more from our independent partners,” according to the event’s official description. “Merry Christmas!”

However, Sidebar withheld a specific debut date when the game was revealed last month at Indie World, letting prospective players know that Sports Story may be anticipated sometime in December. Instead of the anticipated announcement of a launch date, the developer ended up offering fans of the series a complete release.



The news swiftly travelled across the community, with industry observer Stealth, for example, tweeting that “Sports Story is out now!” Stealth discussed how “this is an enormously huge independent release for the holidays. Golf Story was fantastic, and Sports Story is even more ambitious.”

“It was shadow dropped, but once Nintendo announced this five-day indie announcement event on Monday, we all kind of just thought it would premiere Thursday or Friday,” Stealth said in response to a follower who pointed out how “they shadow dropped it.” However, the industry observer noted, “still enormous for the holiday weekend!”

Sports Story was initially announced in 2019 and was supposed to contain golf, cricket, tennis, soccer, fishing, baseball, and other sports, as well as a “decasportathon.” The game was set to be released in 2020, according to Sidebar.