Xbox reportedly planning Games Showcase event for early 2023
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Xbox reportedly planning Games Showcase event for early 2023

There have been reports of Xbox games showcases scheduled for early 2023, with indications of a new game announcement from a first-party company. With Starfield moving into 2023 and a lack of significant first-party titles, 2022 has been a difficult year for Xbox. Next year, Xbox hopes to enhance its position by releasing a much better roster of fantastic titles. A broadcast concentrating on those games in early 2023 may help kick off the year well.

Redfall, Starfield, Forza Motorsport, and Minecraft Legends were originally confirmed for Xbox in 2023. Although the release dates for all four of these games are unknown, a showcase in early 2023 would be an excellent time to provide an update on each game’s progress. Xbox Game Pass will also be a primary priority for Xbox in 2023. A showcase would provide a chance to provide updates on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Ark 2, Flintlock, and other upcoming titles.

Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb reported on an Xbox games presentation in early 2023. Grubb claims that he has heard of the event firsthand, but he does not specify any sources or express his assurance that it will occur. He did indicate that others have “hinted” that an event is taking place, maybe to back up what he’s stating.

Another intriguing element is linked to Grubb’s Xbox story. According to him, the event would include the unveiling of a new game from one of Microsoft’s teams. It’s purported to be a new game by Tango Gameworks, but there’s a catch. The new game is said to be less in size than The Evil Within or Ghostwire: Tokyo. Consider Pentiment, a lesser Obsidian Entertainment project being worked on alongside Avowed.

Aside from games, Xbox has to address a major issue that many of its fans are likely thinking about right now. That is a question of what Xbox is doing right now. Xbox has had a very quiet second half of 2022, and most fans are likely unaware of what’s going on in 2023. Even if Xbox doesn’t have much to offer, a showcase of Xbox and Bethesda titles in early 2023 might alleviate fans’ concerns.

For now, reports of an Xbox event at the start of 2023 should still be seen as rumours. While Grubb’s reporting has generally been credible, he might sometimes misread or have news that has altered after he heard it. If an Xbox event is planned in the future months, expect to hear an official announcement soon.

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