Silent Hill 2 Remake voice actor says game is "coming soon"

Silent Hill 2 Remake voice actor says game is “coming soon”

In a thrilling update for fans eagerly awaiting the release of the Silent Hill 2 remake, voice actor Luke Roberts, set to portray James Sunderland in the highly anticipated title, has dropped a hint regarding the game’s potential release date. While rumors have been circulating about the game’s completion, Roberts’ comment suggests that players may have to exercise a little more patience before delving into the haunting world of Silent Hill once again.

This revelation comes courtesy of the renowned gaming forum ResetEra, where an enthusiastic user claimed to have direct messaged Roberts on Instagram, seeking information about the release date for Silent Hill 2. To the delight of fans, Roberts allegedly responded with a tantalizing message, stating, “Early next year, I believe…” This statement has sparked further speculation and excitement among the Silent Hill community, despite a recent leaked release date of September 29, which was based on a placeholder date often used on websites.