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New Silent Hill Game Faces Criticism in Early Reviews

Unfortunately, the newly released game “Silent Hill: The Short Message” is receiving negative reviews from critics. This game was unexpectedly launched as part of the latest PlayStation State of Play event and is exclusively available for PlayStation 5. “Silent Hill: The Short Message” is a first-person horror game that is very short, taking only 1-2 hours to complete, and it is offered for free. While the short length may not concern some Silent Hill fans due to its free nature, the game has been criticized for various issues.

As of now, it has an average rating of 50/100 on Metacritic, with 18% positive, 36% mixed, and 45% negative reviews. Critics have specifically highlighted problems with the game’s story, dialogue, and chase sequences. Despite this, user reviews are slightly more positive, with an overall rating of 6.6. It is possible that the overall score may change as more reviews come in, but it is unlikely to deviate significantly from the current average.


New Silent Hill Game Faces Criticism in Early Reviews


It’s important to note that the negative reception of “Silent Hill: The Short Message” does not necessarily reflect on the future of the Silent Hill franchise, as the game was an experimental release and may not influence upcoming projects.On the other hand, there are concerns among fans about the upcoming “Silent Hill 2” remake.

While many fans are excited about the remake, some are skeptical after seeing the latest gameplay trailer, which appeared to focus more on action than the expected experience. The visual and gameplay changes have raised doubts among the community, and there is uncertainty about whether the remake will live up to the high expectations set by the original game.