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Circle to Search Feature Might Stay Exclusive to Galaxy S24 and Pixel 8

Samsung’s new Circle to Search feature allows users to circle or scribble on anything on screen to instantly run a Google search. Unfortunately for non-Samsung users, this useful tool may remain exclusive for months.

A Samsung press release indicated Circle to Search “may become available on Android devices from other brands from October 5.” So those without a brand new Samsung Galaxy S24 or Google Pixel 8 face an eight month wait.

It appears Samsung and Google have signed an exclusivity agreement temporarily limiting Circle to Search to their latest flagships. This prevents OnePlus, Motorola and others from offering something similar in the interim.


circle to search


The October 5th date likely hints at integration with Android 15 this fall. But Samsung has since removed the reference, suggesting this timeline was not intended for public knowledge yet.

A remaining line states Circle to Search exclusivity will last until September. So older Galaxy and Pixel models may get it before Android 15 rolls out.

Essentially a built-in Google Lens, Circle to Search lets you instantly look up objects, locations, texts or anything else visible on screen. It makes searching more seamless across apps.

For non-Samsung users impatient for this capability, Microsoft Edge may actually provide something similar first. Microsoft looks to be working on an comparable feature for its mobile browser.

Of course by October 5th, something even better could emerge. But for now, Circle to Search provides a glimpse into the future of intuitive phone interactions. Getting answers will one day be as easy as circling the question.