Sony's State of Play to Showcase Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Sony’s State of Play to Showcase Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Final Fantasy fanatics, clear your calendars for Sony’s upcoming State of Play stream. Today’s showcase closed by teasing an extended look at the hotly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth during their next event on February 6th.

Slated to launch February 29, 2024 as the second entry in the FF7 Remake trilogy, Rebirth continues the story left hanging by 2020’s critically acclaimed first chapter. Once again players will step into the boots of protagonist Cloud Strife, the ex-SOLDIER turned eco-terrorist fighting against the tyrannical Shinra Electric Power Company.

While story beats stay faithful to the seminal 1997 PS1 original, Rebirth promises reimagined concepts and expansions to enrich character arcs and world building. For example, Zack Fair, who only briefly appeared in Remake flashbacks, reportedly plays a larger role moving forward.

Sony has dropped various Rebirth trailers over the past year teasing the return of Cloud and crew. But February’s State of Play aims to showcase fresh gameplay footage and “exciting news fans won’t want to miss” just weeks before launch. Exact details remain undisclosed for now.

Mark your iCal alarms, Final Fantasy followers. Tune into State of Play on February 6th at 6:30PM ET for what sounds like our most in-depth preview yet of FFVII Rebirth. And prepare to return to Midgar next-gen style when the RPG drops February 29th, 2024 – exclusively on PlayStation 5.