'to a T': New game explores the coming-of-age of a T-posing teenager

‘to a T’: New game explores the coming-of-age of a T-posing teenager

Prepare to embark on a whimsical journey unlike any other as game creator Keita Takahashi and his studio, Uvula, introduce their latest project, “to a T.” This episodic 3D adventure takes players into the shoes of a teenager named Teen, who finds themselves in a peculiar predicament—they cannot lower their arms from a perpetually outstretched, T-shaped position. Navigating an ordinary coastal town alongside their loyal canine companion, Teen must fend off bullies, uncover the strengths of their unique posture, and perhaps even discover the power of flight.

In the game’s reveal trailer, it becomes evident that “to a T” will offer a distinctive gameplay experience, centered around Teen’s unusual arm position. While the specifics of the gameplay mechanics are yet to be fully revealed, the trailer hints at the possibility of flight as one of the advantages of Teen’s T-shaped arms. As players guide Teen through the charming world of this episodic adventure, they will encounter a variety of challenges and puzzles that will require them to embrace their unique posture to overcome obstacles and unravel the mysteries that await.