Riot Games Gives League of Legends Emotes a Major Upgrade

Riot Games Gives League of Legends Emotes a Major Upgrade

According to reports, Riot Games has been “actively looking at the emote system” in League of Legends and is developing a significant update for this crucial component. For the time being, the objective seems to be to extend and strengthen the system, which is largely regarded as important to the entire gaming experience.

Jordan Checkman, League of Legends’ Design Lead, broke the news. The developer recently turned to the social media network Reddit, where he answered a range of questions and addressed a variety of user complaints. According to Checkman, the game’s communication system is now “under discovery,” which means Riot Games is investigating enhancements and improvements.



“Expanding the emote wheel is kind of a given conceptually,” Checkman noted. “But in the worst case, expanding from the current five to the intended nine increases the number of unique emotes the game has to load by forty.”

This, of course, implies that League of Legends would need more random access memory to operate. “We manage the memory on League of Legends pretty tightly because we operate on a wide variety of machines around the world,”  the developer said, before adding that Riot Games recently “found ways to reduce their size without a reduction in quality.”

“In the meantime, we’re also looking at better ways to manage your emotes, what we’d need to create multiple emote pages and some other improvements we like for the system,”  Checkman said of the impending adjustments. “We aren’t going to deliver it all right away, but we’re also not unaware that there are way more emotes than ways to use them. The designer working on this is awesome and I have every confidence emotes are going to slap even harder eventually.”

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