Story details are revealed via Kingdom Hearts Missing Link beta impressions

Story details are revealed via Kingdom Hearts Missing Link beta impressions

According to a fresh source, the recently conducted beta for the forthcoming Kingdom Hearts Missing Link revealed some fairly spoiler-filled tale elements. Kingdom Hearts Missing Link was revealed in April 2022 and would be the franchise’s latest mobile game. The game is set in Scala ad Caelum, and it bridges the gap between the previous mobile releases, Kingdom Hearts Union X and Dark Road.

The information comes from an industry insider known as Aitaikimochi, who seems to have been inspired by the comments of a beta participant residing in Japan, Toro cocoron0te. “More plot components from the Kingdom Hearts Missing Link beta have fallen,” tweeted Aitaikimochi. “The intro is as I suspected, a Dive to the Heart sequence! Here are the plot specifics and key blades used in the beta.”



Aitaikimochi delves into the plot, saying that there will be“small story bits at the start of the game.”  Kingdom Hearts Missing Link will apparently “begin with a Dive to the Heart stained glass scenario” starring Ephemer, Skuld, Chirithy, and the Foretellers. “A meteor shower appears and once you catch a star, it turns into a new keyblade.”

In terms of keyblades, the industry source said that “there are two keyblades in the beta test,” which are Fortune Gear and Light Order. “Much like in Union X, as the keyblade gets stronger, it takes on a slightly different appearance,” Aitaikimochi described.

This follows the recent disclosure of information concerning character customization and fighting in Kingdom Hearts Missing Link. When it comes to the former, it seems that players have a very extensive set of choices, with the ability to modify their attire, accessories, hairdo, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, hair colour, eye colour, and more. In terms of the latter, it seems that players may switch between their two keyblades during battle, one focusing on ranged strikes and the other on melee. Shotlocks will also be included in the game.