Ready or Not, the SWAT 4 Spiritual Successor, Set for Full Release on December 13

Ready or Not, the SWAT 4 Spiritual Successor, Set for Full Release on December 13

After two long years sharpening its tactical edge in early access, futuristic SWAT shooter Ready or Not finally has a 1.0 release date: December 12th, 2023.

Announced during The Game Awards, this milestone launch caps off steady feature building since 2021 -think new weapons, maps and quality-of-life upgrades galore. By all indications, Ready or Not is poised to deliver its most polished, content-rich ops yet right in time for the holidays. Consider this special forces Christmas coming early!

For the uninitiated, Ready or Not aims for an intensely realistic take on modern special weapons tactics. Players lead a squad through hostile confrontation scenarios, leveraging tools and tactics modeled after real-world counter-terror operations. We’re talking accurate-to-life arms and explosive gadgets, not to mention precise audio design for full immersion.

You can tackle these white-knuckle missions solo with AI squadmates, or squad up online for coordinated breach and clear room-to-room. Just hope you’ve got steady nerves, because Ready or Not pulls no punches ratcheting up the tension.

Now, such commitment to realism has sparked controversy before. Teasing a school shooter training scenario in 2021 prompted criticism regarding cultural sensitivity. But developers VOID Interactive defended their vision, saying mainstream games shy from vital, if sobering, real-world topics that deserve thoughtful exploration.

While school settings remain on the roadmap per community managers, their inclusion in the 1.0 version is unconfirmed as of this writing. Regardless, Ready or Not still promises a provocative perspective on life behind the badge.

Here’s hoping the final retail launch can stick the landing. After two years running drills in early access, few shooters can match Ready or Not’s mature restraint – or room-breaching intensity. Consider me locked, loaded and ready to roll out on December 12th!