First Teaser for Hideo Kojima's Horror Game 'OD' Unveiled

First Teaser for Hideo Kojima’s Horror Game ‘OD’ Unveiled

Leave it to Hideo Kojima to drop some signature WTF teaser fuel at The Game Awards. This year’s mind-melter? A first glimpse at his new horror project OD, starring Hollywood talents like Sophia Lillis and Jordan Peele. Yeah, my brain’s already buzzing with questions.

In signature Kojima fashion, concrete details are sparse. We know nada about OD’s premise, genre, platforms, release window – anything really. Well, besides the fact that it aims to be “far more than just a game” per the man himself on-stage. Apparently we’re looking at some fusion of game, film and mysterious new media. Oh, and it’s baking in Xbox cloud technology too. Cryptic enough for ya?

What we DO have are transfixing visuals bringing the Hollywood attachments to life. Sophia Lillis of It fame gazing enigmatically at the player. Udo Kier levitating ominously. An eerie asylum corridor pulling us toward unknown thrills and chills. It screams next-gen horror in the most enticing way.

Adding to the artistic pedigree is director/writer Jordan Peele, hot off thought-provoking hits like Nope and Us. He’s just one of several top-tier storytellers Kojima is wrangling for maximum nightmare fuel.

Consider me officially enthralled and sketched out in equal measure. Death Stranding 2 details may still be under wraps, but OD already showcases Kojima back in mad genius mode. Whatever transcendent terror this team has in store, inject it straight into my eyeballs. Just hope there’s some handy nightmare repellant lying around too…

When you’ve assembled Hollywood’s top psychological horror talent shrouded in otherworldly mystery, you don’t need gameplay specifics to get fans fired up. All aboard the Kojima crazy train once again!