Outlast Trials Locks in 1.0 Release Date and Console Confirmation

Outlast Trials Locks in 1.0 Release Date and Console Confirmation

The Outlast Trials has finally pegged a full 1.0 release for March 5th, 2024 – and terrified streamers everywhere rejoice! This milestone multiplayer horror launch, revealed at The Game Awards 2023, also brings squads scares to consoles for the first time.

A highlight reel of influencer reactions set the stage, capturing all the panic and hilarity of Outlast’s twisted takes on cooperative survival horror so far. And with amplified scares, challenges, and polish on the way, their future freakouts have only just begun!

We experienced the early access ourselves earlier this year, and even then, The Outlast Trials delivered some of 2023’s most intense multiplayer horror moments. Sure, standout solo titles like Alan Wake 2 and Amnesia: The Bunker raised the single-player bar. But for sheer communal panic and laughs alike, little matches up to facing Outlast’s horrors with friends.

The atmosphere alone crushes it – dank Cold War bunkers and abandoned hospitals ratchet up dread. Throw in relentless enemies hellbent on experimenting on you, and simple objectives become life or (un)death battles of wits and reflexes. High stakes cooperation has never been so frighteningly fun!

While cross-play remains unconfirmed as of writing, PS4/5 and Xbox One/Series X|S platforms promise console multiplayer mayhem too. Really though, the communal rollercoaster is thrill enough, whatever your platform.

With a few final months to smooth out bugs and polish things to a devilish sheen, The Outlast Trials seems set to fulfill its namesake come March 5th. Here’s hoping I can wrangle a brave group to descend into borderline unethical horror science with me! Just maybe hide the stray scissors first…