PS4 Users Will Soon Be Able to Play a New Nintendo Switch Exclusive

PS4 Users Will Soon Be Able to Play a New Nintendo Switch Exclusive

PS4 customers will soon be able to enjoy a 2022 Nintendo Switch exclusive. Nintendo has had a good year with Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Bayonetta 3, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, Splatoon 3, and that new Kirby game where you eat cars. However, none of these titles is coming to the PS4. Unlike the PlayStation, which is experimenting with the PC, Nintendo is serious about its exclusives. In other words, you won’t be able to play the flagship Nintendo exclusives on anything other than a Nintendo system. However, if you want to play Loopers on your PlayStation 4, you may do so in February.

The announcement comes from Prototype, who confirmed that the visual novel would be released on PS4 globally on February 16, 2023. As you may remember, the game was initially launched on the PC in Japan in 2021. Later that year, it was made available globally through mobile devices. The game was later released for the Nintendo Switch globally on June 2, this year. And now it’ll be available on PS4 globally next year.

Is the game coming to the PlayStation 5? Right now, there’s no mention of a PS5 version, which may sound strange, but many Japanese games are appearing on PS4 but not PS5. Whatever the case may be, the game will be playable on the PS5 thanks to backward compatibility.

Loopers is a science-fiction story told through the enthralling writing of Ryukishi07 and the fascinating visuals of Kei Mochizuki,” according to the game’s official description.”Follow an ensemble of young people as they try to escape a world in which they relive August 1st over and over again. Enjoy a visual novel so full of friendship, love, madness, laughs, and emotion that it’ll leave you breathless!”

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