Order daily essentials online while working from home in UAE

Order daily essentials online while working from home in UAE

Who thought that we would witness a day when a business hub like Dubai would go on a lockdown mode? Well, the Pandemic Corona has done this, too many nations across the globe, and remaining away from the hustle-bustle only seems to be a way out of this disastrous situation.
Because of this lockdown in UAE, the demand for online stores has increased drastically. The Ministry of eCommerce has also confirmed that because of the current scenario, the online e-commerce market can witness the $20million sales mark this year.
The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of UAE has, in fact, come up with a list of few online stores (22 to be precise) which are marked as safe to order from. If you are based out of UAE then you can totally rely on the list of stores that we will talk about in this article. Not only that but you will also be amazed to know that there are many stores that are providing you discounts on the purchase of groceries and other essentials from their store; you just have to visit the CouponzGuru UAE site and check out all the promo offers, discount deals and coupon codes applicable for various online stores. Let us have a look at the list of the stores that can be of help to you.
For groceries

Amazon UAE

The online delivery giant is not doing badly either, in supporting the people of UAE amidst lockdown. You can check out the Amazon UAE site, especially the pantry section, and get all the grocery essentials from there. Amazon UAE is providing almost 50% off on some products if you order them online; grab the opportunity of saving money on your purchases.

Union Coop

The director of the Marketing of Union Coop has confirmed that they will ensure all kinds of safety measures in delivering groceries to various households in the UAE. All the shoppers can create their shopping list in the Union Coop app and get the essentials delivered to their homes.


Noon is an online store that features not only groceries but also products related to health, beauty fashion, and electronics. If you need anything apart from groceries, you can place your order with Noon.
For Meat & seafood


Lulu is another supermarket chain that is trying to ease the process of buying groceries for all the inhabitants of the UAE, at the moment. You can buy personal care products, meat, seafood, vegetables, and fruits from this store.

Martin’s Meats

Martin’s Meat is an online delivery app that is known for its frozen poultry products and seafood. Apart from that, you can also depend on buying lamb and beef from this place. The only thing you need to take care of is that this store operates on cash on a delivery basis only.
For vegetables and fruits

Farm Box

Farm Box is operating in UAE and vouches on delivery of only fresh produce (bakery, fruits, vegetables, beverages, meat & fish, and egg & dairy products) to various households. You can be at any place in UAE, your essentials will be delivered to you, once you place your order with Farm Box.


This is an online app where you can place your order even for fresh and healthy snack items, apart from fruits and vegetables.


The fact of the matter is that every online store, every government, and associated body are doing their best to come out strong from this pandemic situation. You have to play your role by keeping yourself safe inside the home. Stay alive and healthy with online grocery shopping, especially at this time!