Nothing Phone 2 Set to Launch in US Market in Later Half of 2023

Nothing Phone 2 Set to Launch in US Market in Later Half of 2023

Nothing’s CEO and Co-Founder, Carl Pei, has confirmed the company’s latest smartphone, the Phone 2, will be launching in the United States later this year. In an interview with Inverse, Pei revealed that the launch of the Ear 1 earbuds in the US served as an indicator of demand and that the Phone 2’s launch in the country is now the company’s top priority for 2023. Pei believes that declining smartphone sales in the US market present an opportunity for innovation and that smaller companies like Nothing can bring something new to the table.

Pei stated that the biggest reason for not launching the Phone 1 in the US was due to red tape and carrier requirements, which took significant resources to comply with. However, with the company’s rapid growth and increased resources, Nothing is now in a position to launch its smartphones in the US. Pei stated that the company has grown from 200 employees in 2021 to 400 employees today, providing the necessary resources for the Phone 2’s US launch.

Pei also hinted at the Phone 2’s design, stating that it would be more premium than its predecessor, the Phone 1. He emphasized that the Phone 1 was a flagship phone and that the Phone 2 is a step up in terms of premium design, while still retaining the flagship status. Pei emphasized that software will be a big focus area for Nothing with the Phone 2, with the company looking to take advantage of the advancements in mobile chipset technology over the past seven to nine years.

In conclusion, Nothing’s Phone 2 is set to launch in the US later this year and promises to be a more premium and innovative smartphone compared to its predecessor. With the company’s increased resources and growing employee base, it is well-positioned to bring something new to the US smartphone market.

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