Relive High School Math with The Internet Archive's Calculator Drawer

Relive High School Math with The Internet Archive’s Calculator Drawer

The Internet Archive has a new project that is sure to bring back memories of your high school math class. The “Calculator Drawer” features emulated versions of some of the most popular calculators of the past few decades, including the Texas Instruments TI-81 from 1990. The project is a collaboration between the Internet Archive and the Multi-purpose Emulation Framework (MAME) team, who have spent 25 years creating software that can emulate various gadgets.

While not every calculator from the past 25 years is part of the collection, if you used a Texas Instruments or HP model in school, you may find something familiar. The Internet Archive has also uploaded manuals for most of the included calculators, so even if you feel overwhelmed by all the buttons, you can easily refresh your memory. So whether you want to relive the past or just want to explore a piece of technology history, the Internet Archive’s Calculator Drawer is a fun and educational tool.

Link to the Calculator drawer – Click Here

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