New Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ghost/Steel Types May Have Leaked Online

New Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ghost/Steel Types May Have Leaked Online

Dataminers may have found an entirely new Pokemon that will be available in the future Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games. While numerous new Pokemon have been revealed for Generation 9 so far, ongoing leaks keep fans wondering how many more are still to be seen in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The planned Scarlet and Violet games are the next mainstream entries for the Pokemon brand and were announced in February, barely a month after the famous Pokemon Legends: Arceus game was released. Since the introduction of the Generation 9 games, many trailers have offered fans a glance at the Paldea area as well as some of the new people and Pokemon that will occupy it, with several charming Pokemon such as Lechonk, Pawmi, and Smoliv grabbing social media by storm.

PokeMiners on Twitter, a group that specialises in mining information for Pokemon GO, discovered the leaked Pokemon. The Pokemon was discovered to be referenced to just as “pm1080” in the file and is complete with its own 3D model and animation. Despite the fact that no 2D assets have been discovered for it, a few keen Pokemon fans immediately recognised the cryptic Pokemon from a recent Scarlet and Violet video, where the unnamed animal could be glimpsed momentarily in the background of a shot.

Furthermore, some fans have seen parallels between this Pokemon and a reported “Coin Pokemon” that has been circulating in the community since its disclosure. According to the information available on this Coin Pokemon, it would be very difficult to get and would most likely be unlocked by collecting particular artefacts or Pokemon, akin to the Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Sun and Moon or the Wisps in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. While the leak indicates that this Pokemon has the Pokedex number 1080, this is most likely the asset number, which takes into account individual forms among other characteristics.

Some fans speculate that this newly found Pokemon will be collectable in and of itself and that players will have to locate and capture a large number of them in order to unlock the fabled “Coin Pokemon.” While there isn’t much more to go on, for now, its apparent relation to the Coin Pokemon has fans thinking it’s a Steel type, with its spooky colouration leading others to think it’s a Ghost type as well. With just a few weeks till the debut of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, gamers are likely to find out shortly.

Scarlet and Violet will be released for the Nintendo Switch on November 18th, 2022.