New Guns, New Game: Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1.2 Brings Fresh Weapons and Balance Tweaks

New Guns, New Game: Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1.2 Brings Fresh Weapons and Balance Tweaks

Battlefield 2042 is releasing update 3.1.2 to address various known vehicle, weapon, and special problems that have been reported during the holidays and since the start of the Battle of Nordvik event. Electronic Arts are also making one of the maps introduced in Season 3 accessible in Battlefield 2042’s Portal modes, as well as other firearms not previously available in the game.

Battlefield 2042 has found some consistency in its player count after failing to establish a stable footing with fans and players when it was officially published in November 2021. Battlefield 2042’s Portal mode, which was introduced with the main game, is developer DICE’s effort to give gamers a degree of autonomy over gameplay design and unique experiences not seen in past Battlefield games. Many fans were unsatisfied with the Portal mode choices at launch. Still, Battlefield 2042 developers continue to improve and add to it, providing players and fans with an increasingly broad range of options when designing or setting up in-game experiences the way they desire.

A repair to recoil compensation after guns were discharged for extended periods of time is at the top of the list of weapon adjustments coming on January 17, however, EA does not specify which particular weapons were impacted by this problem. Other gun adjustments include decreasing the damage to heavy and light vehicles by 50% and 25%, respectively, while using the Rorsch MK-4’s High Power Capacitor version, and raising the gun’s charge rate from 0.8 to 1 second. The MCS-880 shotgun’s damage at 20 yards or less has been increased, with the gun’s pellet damage rising from 8 to 15, putting it more in line with Battlefield 2042’s other close-range weapons.

Electronic Arts also confirmed the inclusion of a few 1940s-era player-favourite weaponry in Battlefield Portal. The Battlefield Portal will include the M1 Garand Sniper rifle, MK VI Revolver, Gewehr 43 semi-automatic rifle, Gewehr 43 ZF4 sniper rifle, Lee-Enfield No. 4 rifle, and Sten submachine gun. For the first time, the Spearhead map from Battlefield 2042 will be accessible as an official template in Portal mode, enabling players to build team deathmatch variants, Free-for-all games, and Conquest Hardcore matches on the new map.

Though the game was received with widespread criticism at its first release, Electronic Arts and DICE have continued to improve the core game and each of the game’s different modes. Battlefield 2042 progresses, demonstrating that EA is reluctant to let its largest Call of Duty opponent go down without a fight. For fans of the franchise, these improvements and additions are welcome upgrades to a game that many dismissed as a failure immediately after its release.

You can read the full patch notes for the new Battlefield 2042 Update here.

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