Netflix Delays App Release for Apple Vision Pro

When Apple showed off its slick new Vision Pro headset, it name-dropped a bunch of streaming big shots like Disney+, HBO Max, Prime Video and Paramount+ that are launching apps for the device. But there was one glaring no-show: Netflix.

According to Bloomberg, Netflix currently has zero plans to build a custom app for the Vision Pro. Ouch.

Instead, a Netflix spokesperson said viewers will have to fire up the web browser and watch shows that way – kind of like using Netflix on a Mac. No special VR environments or features that we see on mobile.

Compare that to Disney+ going all out with immersive Marvel scenes for a backdrop to your shows. Yeah…no expense spared there.

Bloomberg says they got wind of Netflix’s shrugging off the Vision Pro back in 2023 already. So this snub isn’t exactly new.

The question is why? Netflix could be waiting to see if Apple’s fancy new headset gains enough traction before committing resources to develop an app. If the Vision Pro starts flying off shelves, then sure, maybe we’ll see a Netflix app rollout eventually.

But for now, early adopters better get cozy watching their Netflix faves on a virtual browser, while Disney+ viewers get to envision themselves kicking it in Avengers Tower. Not quite the same experience.