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The Vision Pro Demo at Apple Stores Comes with a Time Commitment

Apple is pulling out all the stops to provide personalized demos of its upcoming Vision Pro augmented reality headset in stores. But interested customers should brace for an elaborate ritual before strapping on the futuristic device.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, you’ll start by getting your face scanned to ensure an ideal fit. Employees will use a special device to scan any glasses you’re wearing too, in order to dial in the perfect prescription for the Vision Pro’s lenses. Behind the scenes, workers will piece together a Vision Pro configured just for you from hundreds of size options.

You’ll also get a crash course on the interface and controls before starting a 25-minute demo. Expect to see normal and spatial photos, immersive tightrope videos, and a glimpse of using the Vision Pro as a computer.


apple vision pro


The goal is to provide each customer a flawless introduction to augmented reality. But the lengthy customization means hands-on demos will require serious manpower from Apple’s retail teams. Employees will juggle face/glasses scanning up front with headset assembly in the back.

Ordering a Vision Pro will be far simpler. The face scan you got during your demo will be used to pre-configure a headset for easy pick-up. And if you just want a sneak peek without the involved personalized demo, Apple stores will also display Vision Pro units you can check out.

Clearly Apple is keen to make the Vision Pro setup feel magical rather than cumbersome for customers. We’ll see soon how smoothly the ambitiously tailored in-store demos come together when the headset launches next month.