Instagram and Snapchat Embrace Samsung Galaxy S24's Camera Innovations

Instagram and Snapchat Embrace Samsung Galaxy S24’s Camera Innovations

Social media cameras are convenient but limited. Samsung gets that struggle, so they teamed up with Instagram and Snapchat to bring some of their flagship Galaxy S24 camera tricks into those apps. We’re talking souped up HDR, low light shots, and video stabilization when snapping pics for the ‘gram or Snap stories.

The collab focuses on the new bezeless S24 Ultra and its bonkers 200MP camera. Specifically, you’ll be able to use Samsung’s “Super HDR” and enhanced “Nightography” modes within Instagram and Snapchat’s on-app cameras. The built-in video stabilization can be enabled too, as long as you switch it on in your main camera settings first.

But wait, there’s more. The partnership with Instagram goes even further to improve editing, uploading and viewing special to Samsung devices. For example, you can now turn motion photos straight into Instagram Stories. And the S24 series is the first to bring full HDR photo support to Instagram – vivid vibes for your feed. Expect more apps to follow suit soon.

It’s no coincidence Samsung is hooking up these camera integrations given the S24 lineup’s major focus on AI camera enhancements. We’re talking suggestion features powered by on-device deep learning to help edit your shots. Background editing tricks courtesy of Google’s Imagen. And even AI-generated slo-mo videos.

While it’s awesome to see Samsung team up with big social players, you’ll still get way more shooting options and versatility in their stock camera apps. So likely best to stick with those, then share the results on social when you want to flex your AI photographic skills for the followers. The creative possibilities are getting seriously insane!