Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024 - The Quick Summary

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024 – The Quick Summary

Samsung’s big Galaxy Unpacked event for 2024 just wrapped, and there’s a ton of new tech to drool over. Catch the full scoop in our 10 minute YouTube recap.

Star of the show was the new S24 lineup – the S24, S24+ and ultra-premium S24 Ultra. Prices start at $799, $1000, and $1300 respectively. Preorder the base S24 by Jan 25 and they’ll hook you up with a free Watch 6. Nice.


Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024 - The Quick Summary


All the S24 models are packing serious new Snapdragon 8 power to fuel the built-in Gauss AI. We’re talking real-time translation during phone calls without WiFi or cell service. An Interpreter mode to translate in-person convos across 13 languages. And a smart keyboard that can translate messages as you type them.

The on-device AI also steps up the camera game. Samsung says it’ll help with stabilization, low light shots and zoom quality. Plus it can suggest tweaks to your photos or even replace the background scenery with Generative Fill (watermark included).

When driving, Android Auto can summarize messages for you and suggest quick voice replies. So your eyes stay on the road.


Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2024 - The Quick Summary


There’s a ton more to explore across the new Galaxy lineup. Everything from foldables to tablets to laptops got some love today. But the S24 family and its slick integrated AI looks like the star attraction for most folks. We’ll see how much all these AI smarts actually pay off when the phones drop next month!