Need for Speed Unbound Trailer Reveals Speed Race Gameplay

Need for Speed Unbound Trailer Reveals Speed Race Gameplay

A new Need for Speed Unbound clip shows the Speed Race game mode in action. This mode is familiar to most fans of the series, but with the extra spectacle of Need for Speed Unbound’s betting and wager system and distinctive aesthetics.

Need for Speed Unbound is walking a fine line in its quest to restore the game to its former glory. Many of the gameplay clips that have already been released demonstrate that the series wishes to harken back to 2000s games with its surroundings, but the distinctive art style of its characters, configurable fashion options, and special effects bring Need for Speed Unbound into the present age. The series’ calling card, though, has been its sprint events known as Speed Race.


Speed races in Need for Speed Unbound begin at certain locations. The meet-up areas for illicit street racing activities are hidden away at secret garages and other places concealed from people outside the circle and out of sight of the authorities. At the start of races in Need for Speed Unbound, NPCs and the player character will be able to show off their car customizations at the meet-up location. Players may experience odd interactions at the start line when the camera zooms by them and other races before the race begins.

Before the races begin, participants must choose from a selection of circuits and register for the event. The buy-in fee scales with the Heat level, which may indicate the difficulty of the race and the possibility of encountering the cops in Need for Speed Unbound. Players may even place Side Bets against other racers if they are confident in their car and abilities. The amount of money invested into the Side Bet will also be determined by the ability level of the drivers in the field.

Fans have now seen the Takeover Event, Speed Race, police pursuit gameplay, and several customization options in Need for Speed Unbound. During the event choice menu, there was also a peek of more game modes: Endurance, Drift Event, and Street Race. The Speed Race trailer may be one of the final gameplay Need for Speed Unbound trailers fans see before the game’s release. There are numerous twists and surprises in store for fans, especially given how far the game’s microtransaction commercialization has pushed the redline.

Need for Speed Unbound will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on December 2, 2022.

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