Microsoft's Phil Spencer Discusses Plans to Preserve and Revitalize Activision Blizzard's Classic Titles

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Discusses Plans to Preserve and Revitalize Activision Blizzard’s Classic Titles

Following the Acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft's Xbox Chief Talks About the Importance of Being Good Custodians of Gaming Memories and Potential Franchise Revisits

Phil Spencer expressed both excitement and humility regarding the wealth of gaming franchises now under Microsoft’s purview. He acknowledged the substantial scope of opportunities presented by this expansive array of games, both past and present: “The amount of franchises that we now have in our portfolio is kind of inspiring, it’s daunting. There’s just an amazing trove of things that we can go and touch again.”

However, Spencer emphasized that revisiting older titles would not be a casual endeavor. He affirmed his commitment to ensuring that any efforts to revisit classic franchises are undertaken with utmost dedication and a motivated team. The objective is to create meaningful contributions rather than merely capitalizing on the titles for financial gain or public relations purposes: “I want to make sure that when we’re going back and visiting something, that we do it with our complete ability, a motivated team that wants to go work on something and make a difference, not just create something for financial gain or create something for a PR announcement and not deliver on the product.”