Microsoft's Phil Spencer Discusses Plans to Preserve and Revitalize Activision Blizzard's Classic Titles

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Discusses Plans to Preserve and Revitalize Activision Blizzard’s Classic Titles

Following the Acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft's Xbox Chief Talks About the Importance of Being Good Custodians of Gaming Memories and Potential Franchise Revisits

Addressing the potential role of the Xbox Game Pass platform in the revitalization of older franchises, Spencer acknowledged that there is room for improvement in this regard. He assessed the progress Microsoft has made thus far: “I think we’ve done an OK job as Xbox, I don’t think we’ve done an A+ job on looking at our franchises and revisiting them. It’s always a trade-off between what do you do that’s new and going back and doing something.”

To address this challenge, Spencer hinted at potential new plans for Game Pass, suggesting the possibility of selecting a few franchises each year for a more comprehensive revisit. While the specifics remain undisclosed, the acquisition of Activision Blizzard is poised to provide opportunities for preserving and revitalizing classic gaming titles—a significant step in an era where game preservation remains a pressing concern.