LEGO Zelda Set Rumors Surface with Exciting Details Online

LEGO Zelda Set Rumors Surface with Exciting Details Online

Brick builders and Zelda fans, cross your fingers – there are tantalizing whispers that Nintendo’s iconic fantasy franchise may receive an official Lego set soon. Can we hope to assemble the mythical kingdom of Hyrule piece by blocky brick piece in the near future?

Rumors first bubbled up last year, but noted Lego leaker @1414falconfan has added fuel claiming an approximately 2,500 piece Zelda set is slated for a September 2023 launch. It will allegedly depict the whimsical Great Deku Tree, a recurring character stretching across multiple games.

No other details yet, but if true, it suggests a proper Lego-Nintendo collaboration beyond just Super Mario sets may finally materialize for one of gaming’s most beloved series.




Unsurprisingly, creative fans have already crafted countless unofficial Zelda Lego builds over the years, from characters like Link to landmarks like Death Mountain. Clearly the block-building potential is there. Nintendo isn’t shy about licensing its mascots either as the success of Super Mario Lego shows.

So could an official Hylian brick adventure arrive at last? Nothing confirmed, but between stunning recent games like Breath of the Wild 2 and the IP’s undying multi-generational popularity, the timing feels ripe. There’s clearly demand for beyond just one set as well if the landmark Great Deku Tree leaks hold water.

For now, brick fans must weigh rumors judiciously while awaiting Nintendo’s next move. But between wishful master builders and Zelda designer Eiji Aonuma himself expressing interest years back, there seems a mutual desire. Hopefully these whispers spark a blocky partnership that lets imaginations run wild building the ultimate Hyrule.

At least one Great Deku Tree by September would do for a start…