Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store Leak Points Towards Upcoming Subscription Feature

The popularity of video game subscriptions continues rising, and now leakers suggest the Epic Games Store aims to follow suit. New clues indicate the PC marketplace is prepping its own monthly membership in the vein of Xbox Game Pass.

Gaming’s shift towards subscriptions as a service first took hold in 2014 when EA and PlayStation dove in. But Microsoft’s Game Pass strategy these last few years has really driven industry momentum. Now heavyweights like Ubisoft revamp offerings to stay competitive, and Epic seems poised to join the fray.

Datamined entries hint at annual and monthly payment tiers for an unnamed Epic Games Store subscription. Discounts for members, free game trials, and possible bundling with the existing EA Play subscription point to Xbox Game Pass’ influence.

No official word from Epic yet, but timing feels right considering Ubisoft’s recent expansion into two revised subscription packages just last week. The pricier $17.99 Premium monthly provides early access and same-day releases, not unlike Game Pass.

Of course, Epic Games recently laid off nearly 900 employees to cut costs and reorient from past acquisitions. But executives called these “difficult decisions” necessary to focus on ambitious core plans. An in-house subscription service certainly qualifies as ambitious, and suggests Epic still wants to push boundaries in the space.

With game subscriptions seemingly here to stay as the next service wave, Epic Games boasts deep pockets and industry veteranship necessary to make some waves. And poaching from the Game Pass playbook is shrewd given Microsoft’s success.

Don’t be shocked if an Epic Games Store membership rolls out within 2024 to let PC gamers access hot new titles for a competitive monthly fee. All eyes are on how much Epic aims to shake up the gaming status quo as subscriptions become the next gold rush.