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Diablo 4 Season 3 Brings Exciting Confirmed Feature, Developer Says

Diablo 4 is kicking off its next season with an exciting new ally – a combat-ready robot companion that levels up alongside players’ characters. Announced during the Season of Construct preview, this AI-controlled Seneschal bot aims to be more than just eye candy.

Thanks to some special scaling mechanics, the swappable robot inherits stats directly from a player’s build. That means its attack rating and critical chance will match yours at any given time. Diablo 4 class designer Season White confirmed on Twitter that the Seneschal’s power scales 1:1 from a character’s base attributes and damage buffs.

So as players grow in power, so too will their mechanical buddy. While it won’t activate Unique legendary effects or Passives, this robot sidekick still packs a wallop. Equippable upgrade stones let users augment it further to suit different playstyles.


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After lackluster early reception, Diablo 4’s second season upped the pace and loot quality to positive results. The Seneschal arrives as the next step towards a classic RPG feel with the franchise’s dark arts twist.

Having an AI ally along for the journey adds welcome depth, especially one directly invested in boosting your strengths. And it fits the occult mood perfectly. No longer will players face the forces of evil alone.

With Season 3 promising more storylines, dungeon challenges, exotic loot and foes, Diablo 4 seems to have found its momentum. Optimizing game flow and now adding recruitable companions should keep fans slaying demons through 2024 and beyond as the first expansion looms.

Who doesn’t want a heavy-hitting robot sidekick? Gear up for a mechanized boost when Season 3 launches soon.