League of Legends Updates for Two More Champions Confirmed

Riot Games stated this week that two more League of Legends champions would be upgraded in the future, with both Jax and Rell scheduled to get the “mid-scope upgrades” that other champions have successfully gotten in the past. That means they aren’t the full-fledged reworks that certain champions, like Udyr, have received, but the adjustments should put them in a better position and give Rell and Jax mains something to look forward to.

Riot August, League of Legends’ principal champion designer, confirmed the intentions for mid-scope changes for both Jax and Rell in a tweet on Wednesday. Riot August and Riot Maxw3ll, the League designers behind Lillia, Yuumi, Gwen, and K’Sante, will handle the former. Riot Raptorr, the design manager on League’s champions team, will handle Rell’s mid-scope upgrade