Ishin's new trailer, "Like a Dragon," introduces the plot

Ishin’s new trailer, “Like a Dragon,” introduces the plot

The latest teaser for Like A Dragon: Ishin exposes fans to the Yakuza spinoff’s tale, introducing players to the main character Ryoma Sakamoto and his quest to revenge his master. Sega initially showed the game last September, announcing a full-fledged remake of the spinoff that debuted in 2014. The original release was the final major Yakuza game before the release of Yakuza 0, which saw the series surge in popularity. A new video introduces the narrative of the samurai spinoff.

Several important disclosures about Like A Dragon: Ishin has occurred in the months building up to its release. Sega has announced that various popular mini-games, including card games, chicken race betting, and even the karaoke mini-game featuring a fresh arrangement of series mainstay “Baka Mitai,” will return in Ishin. With the game set in Bakumatsu-era Japan, Ishin also includes new components such as a farming and cookery mini-game. Sega is getting fans psyched about the narrative of Ishin less than a month before the game’s release.