Instead of MS Word, what programme does the Mac use

Instead of MS Word, what programme does the Mac use

When it comes to creating and editing documents, the market default for a long time, has been Microsoft Word. Available as a part of the Office Suite, MS Word offers its users, a lot of important and creative features that allow them to create documents that are suited to the context and the type of content. Word also features ready-made templates that you can use if you want to create specific kinds of content. For example, if you have to draft a letter to your boss, you can simply use the built-in template for the formal letter that is provided in Word, and in a few seconds, your format will be ready and all you have to do now, is to add the content you need.


pages for Mac


Word also allows you to add creative effects to the text and also add images to your documents, which can offer more context to the text. Over the years, Word has evolved in terms of features and UI, and even today, most people prefer Word to other third-party applications in the market.

Apple is known to do things their own way, and it was not surprising, that after allowing Office to work on the Mac as the default package for document creation, they soon released their own alternative to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. The applications in question are Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

Pages is the replacement software for Word, and while it failed to impress Apple users initially, Apple did not give up on the product and in the past few years, Pages has been making real strides in catching up with its Microsoft counterpart.

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Pages offer almost all the features that you would get in Word, and what’s more, you can export your Pages documents into the word format and continue editing on Word on another system.

While one can make comparisons between the two applications, the one thing that clearly separates the two is the pricing. Microsoft Office still works on the subscription format, wherein you get a free trial on purchasing a new PC, but after the trial period is over, you have to pay for the package.

Pages, however, is pre-installed into every Mac/MacBook/iOS device, and even if you delete them, you can always re-install them for absolutely no cost from the respective app stores.

Link to downloading Pages on your Apple Device – Click Here.

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