One of the best instances of mobile technology reaching the next level is mobile payments. With the shift towards digital payments picking up steam, tech brands all over the world have started implementing new ways for you to make seamless payments through your smartphone.

Recently, however, Google has upped the ante by introducing Google Pay capabilities on Wear OS smartwatches as well. The new generation of Wear OS smartwatches feature hardware that allows for wireless payments on smartwatches and this will obviously make things easier as it will now release the dependency on your smartphone even, to make payments.

Right now, Google Pay on Android Wear is currently supported in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, UK, and the US, but it is obvious that it will soon make its way to other nations as well.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Google Pay on your Wear OS smartwatch.

Step 1. Install the Google Pay App on your Android Wear smartwatch.


How to use Google Pay on your Wear OS smartwatch


Step 2. Tap on the ‘Get Started‘ option on the screen.


Step 3. Select the desired screen lock you want to set for the Google Pay app.


Step 4. Now, on your smartphone, add the card you wish to use to make payments.


How to use Google Pay on your Wear OS smartwatch


Step 5. Now, whenever you go to a store that supports wireless payments, open the Google Pay app.


Step 6. Hold your Wear OS smartwatch over the wireless reader.


How to use Google Pay on your Wear OS smartwatch


Step 7. Just wait until you feel a tone or slight vibration on your wrist.

Your payment will now be made directly via your Android Wear Smartwatch.